Residential Garage Door Repair

When you need garage door repair, prompt and professional service is the name of the game. We realize that a broken garage door can greatly impact your ability to carry on with your day. If a garage door is stuck, it can pose a security risk or even a safety hazard. Atlanta’s Garage Door Guy offers same-day service even on the weekends! Don’t let a broken garage keep you from living your life, call Atlanta’s most experienced garage door company today!


Residential Garage Door Replacement

With so many components that go into installing a garage door such as spring alignment, tracks, and lift motors, choosing the right components can be rather difficult. Atlanta’s Garage Door Guy trained technicians inspect every job site to get the correct measurements for every component. We also bring samples of our products and explain all manufacturers’ warranties to help customers make decisions on the material and style of garage door that works best with the look of their home and their budget.




Residential Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers use motors to power an opening mechanism that lifts the garage door. Openers must also include sensors to prevent the door from falling on anything detected between the tracks while the door is closing. Automatic garage doors have been required to include these sensors by federal law since 1993. There are several varieties of garage door openers with different opening mechanisms set apart by noise, price, power, maintenance, and installation. Here are the types of openers to consider.

Chain-Drive Openers :

This is the most common and cost effective type of garage door opener. These openers use ½ or ¾ horsepower motors to lift the door with a chain. Chain-drives are also the loudest openers.

Screw-Drive Openers:

These openers move the door trolley with a threaded steel rod which requires less maintenance because it has fewer moving parts than chain drives. Screw-drives are mid-range in both price and noise.

Belt-Drive Openers:

These openers are similar to chain drives but use a metal –reinforced, rubber belt instead. Belt drives are the quietest openers but also the most expensive openers.

Jackshaft Openers:

These openers are mounted to the wall beside the door and open the door with a motor-powered gear and chain. This system frees up ceiling space and has an optional power standby system to work during a power outage.